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Liaoning Radio and Television Choose VSDIGITAL

Client background:

Liaoning Radio and Television(LNTV) is located in ShenyangLiaoning province, China. The television was launched on October 1, 1959. And it is one of the earliest launched televisions in China.LNTV now has 9 radio channels and 10 TV channels for the public, 18 LNVOD for the viewers in Liaoning Province and 6 Pay TV channels for all the viewers in China.It is the important window to let the world know Liaoning, let Liaoning show to the world.


Project Requirements:

There are many broadcasting room in the LNTV mansion. Every period of time there are live broadcasts.So it is very important to keep safety of security guards, fire safety, and fire equipment ..outside and inside the building. If there is a little mistake will affect the live broad casting and may cause immeasurable loss.

The security director of LNTV want to know immediately if guards missed reading checkpoint or incident occurs. He want to get hold of the message at anywhere anytime accurately. Also, he want to manage hierarchically, and each level has different permissions.He wants the guards could transmit data without computer,to ensure the reliability of patrol records.



LNTV looking for the manufacture around the innternet. After trial and commnicate, they finally VSDIGITAL Online Guard Patrol (OGP). Use IP Downloader to transmit data to OGP platform, avoid guards play computers. OGP management  APP could push the patrol information to the managers’ mobile phone. Manager could not check the patrol repots every day. OGP realize the function of alarm actively and automatically.


OGP Tree Structure Management accomplish the needs of manage hierarchically. The patrol records are reported level-by-level, realize unifying management.


Instead of read the thick user manual, OGP provides setting service so that you can use the system once open package.Let your managment be more easy, efficient and free.