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Shangri-La Hotel, Tesco

In the hotel, there are many people can use guard tour system, like cleaning people, security officers.

For cleaning people, just stick tags for each room, when they finished one room, scan tag to prove they were done for their job. Before they leave work place, just put the reader into the Remote IP downloader, it can transfer the data automatically, do not have other operations. Then the software can show their work list for one day. Very easy to control.

For security officers, sometimes, they need to check parking lot, and there is no any signal there, so it is not good choice to use real time reader which use SIM CARD, and our V52 reader and IP downloader is perfecr, the security officers can take the reader to scan tags along the patrol route, then downlaod to the software without PC, very convience.

Working Process

1, Put one IP downloader in the control room.

2, Security officer take the reader to patrol

3, Put the reader into the downloader after patorl, the data download automatically

4, Supervisor check the information through the internet or get notificaiton by mobile phone.

Why choose this system? Are you worried about these problem?

1, offline software only can be used on a fixed computer, where shoule the computer be put?

Honestly, it is not convenience to download the data by the computer, if put in guards room, if the computer is broken by wrong operation, all data will be gone, and it is also difficult for Supervisor to check the report.

IP downloader solve this problem, it is small which can install anywhere. Do not need computer to download the data. Do not need to train or maintain.

2, Guards always sleep during patrolling time, how to avoid it?

IP downloader have 48 group alarms to keep security officers awake. It will not be stopped if nobody use tag to scan it, let guards work efficiently.

3, GPRS solution is expensive, do not have enough money to afford it.

IP downloader can support many readers to download the data, that means in one hotel, maybe one downloader is ok, very economic.

4, Do you want to know the work situation of your employees in other cities?

Just set HQ IP address in the downloader, put the reader after patrol, the data will download to the HQ software automatically. Do not need to collect data from each place anymore.

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    I want to purchase additional RFID reader and 2 pcs of V1 USB cable.


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    Please quote 1set of V1 kingguard for our replacement. Thank you.


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    Subject: Inquiry Regarding Distribution of Your Guard Patrolling System Dear VS Digital Team, I hope this email finds you well. My name is Muhammad Farid Soomro, and I am a representative of Advance Security Systems Lda, Which deals mainly in security s


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