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take G4S one of security compmanies as an example, G4S is the worlds’ leading global, integrated security company specialising in the delivery of security and related services to customers across six continents.They works to safeguard the welfare and prosperity of millions of people worldwide- helping to create safer and better environments in which people live and work. With operations on six continents and 585,000 employees.


1, Headquarter control all employees who serve in different branches 

   each branches data is independents ,each branch can only  check their own data. and all braches can submit patrol data to HQ 

2, Date safety, put all data in the cloud.

     In order to keep the data safety, it is better to use cloud which can avoid the loss if the computer is broken. have professional team to maintain it .

3, push related patrol data to supervisor's smart phone 

    Supervisor sometimes need to leave for business trip, it will be very convenience if can check all information by phone

5, User friendly

    Some employees are not good at the electric devices, the easier, the better.

our solution as following 

OGP professional version managment platform +  OGP supervisor manamanet app 

OGP platfom (professional/tree version) ,it likes a tree, can create different accounts(like branch or leaf)  . Each client has their own unique user name and password with independent data .headquarters as a main account who can track all of branches patrol data.branches also can submit patrol data to HQ. we ,VSDIGITAL, is the first one launched  this platform solution ,aim to offer more efficent patrol management solution, thanks to the network cloud techonology ,smart technology quick delveoping, it becomes available for supervisor to manage their security guards online. what to know where your security guards are , what's happen on site right now. no patrol alart, set an alarm to remind guards to work ,all these work can do remotely in smart phont or any point of world with network oncomputer. now this solution is more and more accepted and loved by many clients from more than 135 counties ,we are highly appreciated you that you can trust us as before and willing to try the new idea of patrol management. now it has been verified OGP platform is a quite ideal guard tour management solution.


most security companies need to offer service for different clients in different places, the supervisor need to collect the patrol data from many places, it will cost a lot for inefficient work .Use OGP Platform (professional version), you can create different accounts according to different clients' company name.secuirty companies can give the user name and password to their clients to login by themselves to check their own patrol data/report.  even can control on smart phone with a supervisor app help .


all our hardware devices can work with our this version software, you can find the suitable hardware by click the below picture


welcome to contact us to apply the software demo ,waiting for your inquiry. 

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    I want to purchase additional RFID reader and 2 pcs of V1 USB cable.


  •    2023-11-14

    Please quote 1set of V1 kingguard for our replacement. Thank you.


  •    2023-11-08

    Subject: Inquiry Regarding Distribution of Your Guard Patrolling System Dear VS Digital Team, I hope this email finds you well. My name is Muhammad Farid Soomro, and I am a representative of Advance Security Systems Lda, Which deals mainly in security s


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