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OGP Phone Patrol Includes 4 Parts 
  • 1. Checkpoint tag (QR code,NFC,GPS)
  • 2. Patrol app 
  • 3. Supervisor app 
  • 4. Platform software account 
A New Patrol Era
  • Take advantage of smart phone and cloud technology,guard tour system 
  • already entry into a new era,OGP Phone Patrol is a patrol APP 
  • which install on the phone to scan QR code or NFC tag, 
  • upload the patrol data in real time to management platform
GPS checkpoint tag
  • Patrol staff pass by a preset range, the APP will get this location automatically, do not need to scan any tags
  • It is an ideal solution for vehicle patrol
Take Pictures,Record Sound,Make texts 
Show where guards are in map
Prevent Personnel Cheating 
Prevent cheating from
copying checkpoint tag
No need to purchase devices
  • Save shipping cost & time
Supervisor APP
  • All guards activities will be sent to
  • supervisor app automatically.
  • eg, missed checkpoint tag, import SOS
  • and daily or monthly patrol summary.
  • Supervisor can manage security guards
  • on their smart phone conveniently

Calendar Report

  • Only one glance, you can know one month patrol status 
Real time report
  • You can see where guards are in real time report
Evaluation Chart
  • Help admin easily to know who or which team works better
Track Playback 
  • Help you to know where guards
  • went when they were on duty 
  • We offer two options for you choose from,
  • use our platform or move the whole system to your server

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  •    2023-11-28

    I want to purchase additional RFID reader and 2 pcs of V1 USB cable.


  •    2023-11-14

    Please quote 1set of V1 kingguard for our replacement. Thank you.


  •    2023-11-08

    Subject: Inquiry Regarding Distribution of Your Guard Patrolling System Dear VS Digital Team, I hope this email finds you well. My name is Muhammad Farid Soomro, and I am a representative of Advance Security Systems Lda, Which deals mainly in security s


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