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Remotely Transfer Data by GPRS or RJ45

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 Transfer Data by GPRS or RJ45

IP downloader has two version, one is GPRS transmission, the other one s RJ45 transmission. Guards could put the reader on it after patrol, then the data will be uploaded automatically. Don't need computer, no any buttons, easy and convenience operation.


 Small, light, easy to hang on the wall

IP downloader is small, you could hang it anywhere. It replaces traditional system which to upload data on a fixed computer. Use a fixed computer, you need to consider where the computer should be put? Office is not a good choice, because it will bother other employees. Guards' room is also not a good choice, because guards could play it to let it get virus. But if you choose IP downloader, just put the reader on the dowloader for seconds, data will be upload automatically, all problems are solved.


48 Groups Alarm Clocks

IP downloader has clocks to remind guards patrol on time, guards need to scan it when it beeps to remind you. Clocks will beep all the time if no one to scan it. This function could let guards keep wake, remind patrol time.


 HQ Management

If you have a big company with branches in different places, how do you get the data? Do you still go these branches to collect the data? Or email all kind of reports to HQ? Here I offer you a perfect solution. What only you could do is to put the IP downloader at your branches, your employees could upload their data to your software by GPRS or RJ45 directly, don't need to get email or go those places. This also could avoid guards cheat, keep all data real.



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