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V51 is our new upgraded product this year based on original V5 KingGuard, it has unique features, such as anti-vandal, anti-spamming, and very easy maintenance, which can meet customers' need more better.

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V51 is one of our best selling models, it is our new upgraded product this year based on original V5 KingGuard, it has unique

features, such as anti-vandal, anti-spamming, and very easy maintenance, which can meet customers' need more better.


One Standard Includes:

☆ Manage software: standalone version software and online version software.

☆ Reader: the guard take reader to scan checkpoint.

☆ Downloader: transfer patrol data from reader to software.

USB cable: connect PC and downloader directly.

☆ Patrolman tag: the quantity of patrolman tags is according to guards.

☆ Checkpoint tag: the quantity of checkpoints is according to places you will patrol.


V51 Kingguard Pictures:


Technical Data:


 Stainless steel body with rubber out shell
 Waterproof  Completely waterproof-IP67
 Battery used  3AAA size alkaline batteries
 Battery life  It supports about one year work
 Reading type  Ibutton(VS 1990A)
 Indicate  Vibration and LED
 Memory storage  120,000 pieces
 Size(LxWxH)  147*36*38(mm)
 Operating range  -40℃ to +85℃/40F to 185F


Communication-IP Donwloader QQ20150529105530
It is an ideal solution for some guards should find computers to transfer patrol data.IP downloader can be instead of computers to transfer patrol data automatically.
It is an ideal solution for some companies with some branches in different places to transfer patrol data to HQ remotely .
It is an ideal solution to remind guards work on time, IP downloader can set 48 groups alarm clock freely to mind guards work on time, it will beep all the time till guards scan the IP downloader with tag.


Our Service:

1 Sample service: we provide free samples for your evaluation.

2 R&D service: we provide OEM ODM,SDK

3 Aftersale service: 5 years warranty, you can contact us at any time

4 Can add any software lanaguage according to you needs

5 Payment Terms: TT,Paypal, West Union, Escrow

6 Express: DHL,UPS, TNT, EMS, FedEx

7 MOQ: 1 SET


Cloud-based Guard Tour Software--OGP (                                        

---is designed to push information in real time so that admin can manage work timely, thereby reducing risk.

---is designed to analysis patrol data further,generate details patrol summary reports and graphs,

    so that admin can save much energy to analysis employees work status.



Cloud-based Guard Tour Software + Mobile APP 

-Failure/incidents notifications of tour, monthly /daily tour summary will be push to admin according to subscription

  via our mobile APP running Android and IOS . 

-Reader insert (connect) to IP downloader, the data can be transferred to your unique account automatically via

 GPRS or Ethernet in cloud.

-Different users can have the different authority, set up user accounts for branch companies or uesers.

Online Version 

Activate network feature, install software in your own server, put IP downloader in different sites or install communication clients in PC.

Clients can setup and manage their own online version software can check and manage via phone or tablet .

Standard Version 

Install software in one PC, then upload or check reports in this fixed computer .

Unique reports  

Application Fields



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