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How to purchase?


 Guard Tour System Include

Software-- It's the most important part because we know all patrol reprots from the software. Our OGP cloud-based

               guard tour software has many unique features, is suitable for security company, bank ATM, petroleum station...

Guard Tour Scanner--- Can store patrolling data in the reader, we provide RFID, IButton, GPRS, GPS reader.

Checkpoint Tag-- Every tag has unique ID to store the site name, you could easily install it on the patrolling route.

Patrolman Tag-- Can store patrolman's name, scan it first, then you could know who is on duty.

Communication-1.USB Cable--Connected the reader to the PC.Adopts USB-B port,more durable than the mini USB port.

                       2.USB Downloader-- Insert reader into it,then use USB cable to transmit data.Need to operate with a computer.

                       3.IP Downloader--Has two transmission ways,GPRS and RJ45.It could transmit data without computer

                          remotely,easily operation, remotely control,special alarms let guards to patrol on time.

Event Wallet-- Guard take it when patrolling, it can store events in tags, like glass is broken, light is on and so on.

Outdoor Mount-- It could protect the tags from rain or sunshine, make the tag has longer life.

One Set Include

Guard tour reader

USB Cable/USB Downloader or RJ45/GPRS Downloader

Checkpoint tag

Patrolman tag




Payment & Delivery

MOQ: 1 set

Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, West Union, Escrow

Express: DHL, TNT,UPS, FedEx, EMS

Devery Time: give us your order list,  if we reveice the payment we will send the goods to you within one day


30 Days Free Trial: Reducing your risk of making desicions among many suppliers.

Service Pattern: Pay the service fee, we provide you hardware and best service.

Free Installation Service: You just need to fill in a blank, we will set all information for you.

After-sales Service: 24hs whole day after-sales service, solve all your questions patiently.



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