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Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

To meet all clients' needs and requirments, VSDIGITAL offers you innovative and flexible payment options.
Our flexible payments provide a range of smart alternatives designed to fit your organization's needs. Our options include:

Purchase Option
♦  Pay Subscriptions Fee Option
Purchase Option
In this option, the clients purchase and own the device from day one. Clients need to pay full money for the device.We will deliver the device to the clients at a mutually agreed location.
For the software, we offer standalone version software, clients could manage your guards on a fixed pc.
 Pay Subscriptions Fee Option

VSDIGITAL offer you more efficient,simple guard tour system, include
1 Patrol remind ,24 groups alarm clock to remind guards work on time.
2 Unique management account, our management software is cloud based ,so you do not need to install and maintainace software.
3 Mobile APP push patrolling message automatically .eg,missed/overdue reports,impact /low battery records,patrolling summary daily and monthly.
4 The cheapest hardware ,once the hardware is broken, clients only need to pay a basic fee to get a new one. 
In this option, the clients only need to pay a basic fee for the hardware and subcription fee by monthly. We will deliver the device to the client at a mutually agreed location. when clients recieve the hardware ,we will provide the login details to access the cloud-based software according to the information which clients provided, then clients could manage your guards via smartphone, pad or pc at anywhere anytime.Clients pay subscription fee by monthly, we will return the subscription fee once clients do not want to use any more, this can protect clients' profit well.
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