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To make a general inquiry or request for service, to make a complaint, or for any other reason you wish to contact us. We ensure all messages will be replied within 24 hours, if only you place an order now, we will provide a surprise persent.
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Message: Do you have any agency in Egypt 2017-11-8
  no 2017-11-1
Message: We Want V1 RFID Card Reader With our Company Name & Logo, What Will be Minimum Qty ? 2017-11-6
  ok 2017-11-1
Message: Ussene Nambra 2017-10-2
  received your message with many thanks ,would you love sharing with us more your demands. we already contact you via email .please check it. thank you again .VSDIGITAL 2017-10-2
Message: i need OGP Phone Patrol for 1000 users. how can i buy this app. can you personalize it for company? 2017-10-2
  many thanks for your message,we already send details to your email. please check it .VSDIGITAL 2017-10-2

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